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Preppy Knits.
July 23, 2009, 11:35 pm
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They are cropping up everywhere, so it’s a god bet to get yourself one.

cableknit2Cardigan by Upper Filth at Topman £45

cableknit3Cardigan by Adidas £80

Cableknit1Cardigan by BDG £49

Picks of the accessories (1)
May 21, 2009, 10:50 pm
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As always, accessories can make or break an outfit. They’re hard to get right because they can look a bit too try hard when not got right. As sighted in the 15 failsafe pieces of advice, try and think of whether you actually need it to an extent. Eg wearing a winter scarf over a t-shirt is a terrible sin.

When it comes to jewelery, nothing chunky. As long as it’s not pink with flowers, you can get away with most things and if your outfit will suit it, nod towards the nautical theme this summer with an anchor or swallow. Longer necklaces look a lot better than short ones and please ensure to don’t get a plain chunky silver chain or rosary beads.

allsaintsneckNecklace by AllSaints £25

When it comes to your watch you can take two routes, go for a retro classic such as a Casio or find something fun thats going to look interesting but not like a swatch watch. A good brand is Toy Watch Company and they are about as sound as you can get. But I don’t have £125 so it’s best to shop around for a retro watch. The classic casios that are being sold at urbanoutfitters are everywhere so if you want something a bit different check out the selection on amazon. This is my pick.

toywatchWatch by Toy Watch Company £125

When it comes to scarves in the summer, make sure they are light and never knitted. These can be a subtle and not in your face way of incorporating the tie dye trend for the summer.

summerscarfTie Dye scarf by Asos £9.75