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Asos Bobble Hat.
March 2, 2010, 1:13 pm
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Bobble Hat by Asos £6


Dr. Martens Or Not?
November 20, 2009, 3:20 pm
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If in the winter of 2008 boots with jeans tucked in were a statement, then this season they are a complete must have. Partly popularized by countless AllSaints window displays, the military boots were the only things to wear on your feet and the high street did some good interpretations, and oddly enough, River Island, my least favorite brand ever, seemed at the forefront of this. Not having £160 to spend on a pair of AllSaints ones, and partly because the men’s ones are too high and look a bit shit if you aren’t a girl, I found a pair on Asos, and now, with a years wear, they are pretty much my ideal boots. This season, they have a really good range of own brand ‘worker’ boots and have produced some awesome Timbaland knockoffs (not the timbalands you’re thinking of) with the canvas side that make quite a statement.
Waxed Canvas Boots by Asos £70

This season AllSaints have taken on board the hiking trend with their low Roam boots. I’m still not sold on the whole walking boot thing this season, but AllSaints subtle use of hiking eyelets allow you to incorporate the trend without feeling like you’re back doing the Duke Of Edinburgh award.
Boots by AllSaints £165

Like them or not, Doc Martens are inescapable this season. They were big in the summer so winter is going to be huge for them. Although there are many variations, with the three eyelet, 10 and 14 eyelet versions to name a few, the most popular ones that have been cropping up everywhere have been the 8 eyelet version. Unfortunately, unless you’re 6 foot 2, they can be very hard to pull off. The biggest problem is the clumpy soul, which defines the Dm’s. They need to be worn with a narrow silhouette at the bottom and really over sized on top to balance the outfit out. This can be achieved with some black or indigo skinnies and either a big chunky fair isle, wax jacket or a nice duffle. The problem then comes with wearing them out, you can’t keep your top half chunky when you’re out for the night so this is where it pays to be tall, so you can where a huge t-shirt to keep up the silhouette. However, if you’re average height like me, it can just about work. If a fitted t-shirt for you is a small, go for X-L, most t-shirts go out more than down when you go up in sizes so an XL will sit over you’re crotch and create a really nice contrast against some stick thin pins. And as long as you’re feet aren’t above a ten, the clump of the Dm’s will be managable! My favorite colour is the cherry. It works really well with winter tones like khaki and navy, just avoid buying the green Dm’s as they look like laced wellingtons. And finally, shop around, because you can get them under £50 if you look past the high street shoe shops.
Boots By Dr. Martens £49.82

ASOS preview A/W collection.
July 30, 2009, 12:15 am
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In the ASOS collection this winter, judged from the pictures, a slightly less slim silhouette shall be a feature, with a heavy theme of the ‘classic english gent’. Fairisle knits are all I shall say. Get charity shopping!


View the ASOS post HERE

Basket Weave.
June 15, 2009, 11:20 pm
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I would never be able to put on a pair on Birkenstocks and unfortunately my feet would look like girls feet in gladiators but this summer a pair of sandals are essential. In a season where every man and his dog is going to be wearing decks or espadrilles (both of which I love), it won’t hurt to go for something a bit different. My choice is the basket weave sandals. They don’t show your toes and they are basically a better version of an espadrille. Easy to wear and high on style points you can take your pick from many, but the Asos ones are the best value and come in four different colours.

baskey weave tan
Sandals by Asos £19.95

Picks of the accessories (1)
May 21, 2009, 10:50 pm
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As always, accessories can make or break an outfit. They’re hard to get right because they can look a bit too try hard when not got right. As sighted in the 15 failsafe pieces of advice, try and think of whether you actually need it to an extent. Eg wearing a winter scarf over a t-shirt is a terrible sin.

When it comes to jewelery, nothing chunky. As long as it’s not pink with flowers, you can get away with most things and if your outfit will suit it, nod towards the nautical theme this summer with an anchor or swallow. Longer necklaces look a lot better than short ones and please ensure to don’t get a plain chunky silver chain or rosary beads.

allsaintsneckNecklace by AllSaints £25

When it comes to your watch you can take two routes, go for a retro classic such as a Casio or find something fun thats going to look interesting but not like a swatch watch. A good brand is Toy Watch Company and they are about as sound as you can get. But I don’t have £125 so it’s best to shop around for a retro watch. The classic casios that are being sold at urbanoutfitters are everywhere so if you want something a bit different check out the selection on amazon. This is my pick.

toywatchWatch by Toy Watch Company £125

When it comes to scarves in the summer, make sure they are light and never knitted. These can be a subtle and not in your face way of incorporating the tie dye trend for the summer.

summerscarfTie Dye scarf by Asos £9.75

ASOS Tailoring Arrives.
April 17, 2009, 9:34 am
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Asos have released their second collection of tailoring and as with most of their own brand stuff, it’s actually brilliant at brilliant prices. To pick up a suit for £80 redicuously cheap and the cuts are so much nicer than those at Topman, the only other high street retailer that has any good suiting. The jackets are cut like traditional jackets but a lot slimmer and slightly more cropped, whereas the Topman collection makes you look a bit like you have a womens jacket on. The collection comes in so many styles ranging from three piece to short suits, and you’d be silly not to at least buy a jacket.
asos-suitSuit by Asosman £80