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January 29, 2010, 4:38 pm
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Photo Via Hey Nu World

It’s still cold outside, and you need something to keep your neck warm. Scarves can be and often are shit. They are too short too long, too clumpy too thin. It’s near impossible to find a perfect one. The ‘must have’ accessory from the catwalks for the winter weather was the snood. Mostly because of the Burberry one. I am seriously considering saving up for one (as fakes are very hard to find and I’ve always fancied a bit of cashmere around my neck), but I need to regain employment first. The Burberry check hasn’t been this good before. Christopher Baily took Burberry away from the market fakes and back into the heart of Englishness. How he did it is beyond me. I wouldn’t say there has been a huge change in direction, but little things here and there, using campaigns to appeal to the youth but not ostracize the traditional consumer was a stroke of genuis. Anyway, enough with my slight obcession.

Snood By Burberry £195

The high street isn’t full of them, but it doesn’t matter, because the cable knit snood that Topman offer is fantastic. Topman in 99% shit and 1% genius. This falls into the 1% catorgory. It’s my favorite high street purchase of the last few months. The great thing with the circle scarf/snood is that it can be worn

  • draped
  • as a hood
  • wrapped twice tight

Snood By Topman £16

American Apparel has been pushing them as their accessory of choice. Comes in the standard AmApp 100’s of colours, a tie dye version (not in anymore) or their classic hipster acid wash. They are unisex and veer to a more feminine oversize shape than the Topman one, and are a lot more expensive, but all the same they’re pretty nice.

Circular Scarf by American Apparel £27

Just steer clear from ones with tassles or you’ll look you’re wearing a Palestine scarf. Not a big look.


January 24, 2010, 1:48 am
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Photo Via This Heart’s On Fire

Without a doubt, my favorite designer is Rick Owens. The pieces, although at times outrageous and unwearable in the context of everyday life, are as out there as you can be without looking like you’ve stepped of a catwalk with the gimp mask you’ve been styled with still in tact. His use of leather is in my eyes unrivalled and the assymetric jackets are simply the nicest out there.

Leather Jacket By Rick Owens £2389

Described by oki-ni as inimitable, the jackets are pretty much that, and leather-look jackets are just not worth buying from the high street. Leather jackets are timeless pieces and rank alongside the chelsea boot as something which will never go out of style, so it’s worth saving up and buying a real one. And to be honest, you can’t get a nice one without a £200 price tag. Now this goes against everything that I set this blog up for, it was meant to be affordable high street knock offs of in trend pieces, but with leathers and suits, this rule can be broken.

Leather Jacket by 1971 Reiss £295 £125

This is where sales come in. Reiss, with their fantastic 1971 range they released this summer, breathed a new life and different direction to the brand and produced a beauty which you can still just about get (you need to hurry for sizes)

Leather Jacket By All Saints £275

A brand which seems to take a lot of inspiration from Owens’ collections, All Saints, clearly have the nicest jacket on the high end of the high street. There are a lot of parallels between the collections and the dropped crotch harem style that has featured heavily in Owens’ trousers has translated into the ‘gun fit’ jeans that All Saints offer. The jacket is pricey at £275 and is in the SS10 collections so won’t go into sale for ages, and it’s unlikely there will be any left because it’s frickin’ lush.

The good thing about leathers is that they are versatile. You can layer it over an AmApp hoody and dress it down with some hi-tops, or you can roll up the sleeves and go for the greasy rock n’ roll look. It’ll last years so even with all the new trends coming and going, you can guarantee, a nice asymmetric leather can be incorporated into most of them.